Fractional Startup Developement For Entrepreneurs

Develop your MVP and build your in-house team without hiring talent or agencies full time.

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The Problem With Hiring Development Agencies

Never outsource your core competency.

When you outsource your development, you're outsourcing your core competency. You're outsourcing the very thing that makes your startup unique.

Every lesson learned and insight gained belongs to someone who isn't a part of your company.

Your startup should be built by you, with your vision, and your team. We are here to get you off the ground and started on your journey.

The Wonderful Difference

We build your tech, your team, and your momentum.

Startups being in a sea of unknowns.

Early decisions have a disproportionate impact on the future of your company.

Often times founders are forced to choose paths with little information and unknown consequences.

Do we hire an CTO, find a cofounder, go with an agency?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have another option?

Gain all the benefits of a technical cofounder without the risk of over committing your equity, time or budget?


How Wonderful Works


Fractions: Hire the exact level of talent and time commitment you require. No need to over-commit to roles you don't need full time.


Development: Web/Mobile/SaaS development, we deliver you modern software product development with a focus on speed and efficiency.


Control With your MVP underway, you'll be in a position to grow as your needs demand. We'll hire and train your team, ensuring all the knowledge and experience gained is retained within your company.


Beyond Wonderful You now have everything you need to take your startup into your own hands. And we'll be here to guide you as you grow.

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